Diocese of Southern Ohio Spiritual Directors

Diocese of Southern Ohio Spiritual Directors

artwork by The Rev Karl Stevens


Spiritual Companionship, also known as Spiritual Direction, is a way of offering companionship to people who are seeking God and a greater sense of themselves. It is non-judgmental and generous, and always trusts that the seeker knows more about their own life, thoughts, and longings than the companion/director does. The companion’s role is to listen carefully, invite the presence of the Holy Spirit, practice compassion, and ask questions that will help the seeker grow in wisdom and grace.

is spiritual companionship right for you?

Why am I here?
Who am I, really?
What is my purpose in life?
How am I connected to others, and to God?
How can I live gracefully with joy, pain, loss, and hope?
What needs to change in my in order for me to love my neighbor as myself?
How can I gain the freedom that I need in order to offer my gifts to the world?
If these are your questions, then Spiritual Companionship is right for you. And you’re not alone in asking these questions — they’re at the heart of our hope and our faith. Saints and wisdom seekers have been speaking to these questions for all of Christian history, and Spiritual Companions are in constant conversation with the spiritual traditions of both today and of the past. Companions are experienced teachers of prayer practices and the use of meditation in daily life, and can accompany you through moments of transformation and all the changes that they bring.

Karl Stevens, Diana Shirley, Kathleen McFalls, Leslie Flemming, and Hawley Todd are all spiritual companions, and part of the larger community of spiritual companions in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.