Deaconess Foundation


The Deaconess Foundation is a not-for-profit enterprise that provides a range of health services, programs, and community initiatives in Greater Cincinnati. The aim is to serve people who are vulnerable to health-related problems and rely on community support to meet basic healthcare needs. We respond to causes that focus on at-risk youth, the homeless, the addicted, the elderly, and others who require community support to improve their quality of life.

More than 40% of our population is less than one paycheck away from homelessness and couldn’t afford a $400 emergency (or out of pocket deductible). And, the percentage of Cincinnati and Hamilton County residents younger than 18 living in poverty is the highest it has been in five years. With this and healthcare prices in mind, Deaconess developed a response – the Mobile Deaconess Health Check.

Access to comprehensive, quality healthcare is critical for maintaining health, preventing and managing disease/chronic conditions, reducing unnecessary disability, and achieving health equity for all. Our mobile van reaches those without resource or access in the neighborhoods where they live, including: at Christ Church Cathedral, the Salvation Army-Norwood, St. Vincent de Paul, and the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter in Cincinnati.

We are here to serve you, whether you have insurance or not.