Nomination to Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna

The purpose is to recognize, honor, and celebrate the wisdom, experience, maturity, and achievements of older persons (60 and older) in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.
Nominees must be:
• At least 15 years as Episcopalians
• Lay or clergy
• Faithfully ministered in family, community, church, nation, or world
• Publicly acknowledge a positive image of the contributions of aging persons

Criteria for nomination
• Living examples of Christian witness, compassionate lives of faithfulness to the gospel of Christ Jesus; the hope of the gospel for all persons in the diocese
• Outstanding service to the church
• Living community of prayer
• Model for Christian living
• Look to society for images of life that are lived in imitation of Christ

  • About the nominee

    Please use the following areas to describe the exemplary Christian ministry of the nominee. Not all criteria will apply to all nominees.